We offer a complete suite of technical support and consulting services in leveraging distributed ledger with blockchain & web3 technology.

We have carved a niche in the field of blockchain app development by creating and deploying custom decentralized blockchain applications and infrastructure support to fast forward your business to get ahead of your rivals. Find a perfect blockchain & web3  technology solution for diverse industries to create a fast, secure and transparent identity for your business.

We are the end to end partner in Blockchain Application development and implementation. We ideate, evaluate and shortlist the solutions which enhance the value of businesses.

Use Cases

Product Supply Chain Management

Blockchain technology can help ensure provenance, providing traceability across the supply chain. This can thwart counterfeiters and ensure safety. The technology also allows manufacturers, shippers and customers to aggregate data, analyze trends, and perform predictive monitoring.

Public Sector – Land Registration

Advancements in Land title record-keeping process could prove particularly valuable in many parts of the world where people are unable to secure legal documentation of their land assets. Digital documentation of property transfers and good technology will enable the confirmation for all parties in a real estate transaction with the highest level of security.

Letter of Credit

Blockchain enables exporters, importers and their respective banks to share information on a private distributed ledger. The trade deal can then be executed automatically through a series of digital smart contracts. The parties involved in the transaction can visualise data in real time on their devices and see the next actions to be performed.

Real Estate

There are tremendous potential applications for blockchain technology, an innovative distributed ledger database system, within the real estate industry. A significant portion of the digitized information is hosted on disparate systems, which results in a lack of transparency and efficiency, and a higher incidence of inaccuracies that creates a greater potential for fraud. Blockchain can fix this.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Strategic Consulting

Strategic advice on successful employment of Blockchain technology to optimize the potential outcomes.Evaluate ROI and trade-offs of using blockchain versus a more traditional solution

Blockchain Solution Implementation

Develop your full-stack blockchain application including: smart contracts, user interfaces and 3rd party integrations.Thoroughly test your solution before deploying your smart contracts to production

POC Development

We understand your overall business objectives, consult you on various avenues of Blockchain implementation and build a proof of concept after validating the idea

Smart Contract Development

Design, development, audit, and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts to automate processes. We will also audit existing smart contracts for security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency.

DApp Development Service

Decentralized Application runs on a P2P network rather than a single computer.Right from designing an interactive frontend UI to a robust backend our DApp development answers all your needs

Enterprise Blockchain

MVP or migrate existing applications to Distributed Ledger Technology using Hyperledger, R3 Corda or Ethereum. Our Blockchain implementation includes the Blockchain Ideation & POC development, which increases the success rate of the application


Blockchain Services for Healthcare


Removes third-party verifiers such as health information exchanges by directly linking patient records to clinical and financial stakeholders.

Supply Chain

Capital Markets

We help investment banks catalyze middle and backoffice functions using quick, efficient and secure transactions on blockchain.

Supply Chain

Blockchain can permanently record product history, from manufacture to sale. This could dramatically reduce time delays, associated costs, and human error.

Blockchain Services for Retail


Blockchain can help remove the friction in commerce by providing a common chain of information, visibility and sharing across vendors and purchasers.

Technology We Use


Ethereum is a decentralized, Turing-complete smart contract platform used to build applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference. Ethereum is a programmable blockchain. Ethereum allows users to create their own operations of any complexity they wish. In this way, it serves as a platform for many different types of decentralized blockchain applications.

R3 Corda

Corda records, manages and executes institutions’ financial agreements in perfect synchrony with their peers, creating a world of frictionless commerce. It removes costly friction in business transactions by enabling institutions to transact directly using smart contracts, while ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security.


Hyperledger is now one of the top blockchain platforms for developing transactional applications for enterprise-grade decentralized platforms. It is a permission peer-to-peer blockchain network where access to the network requires invitations to join and it supports the notion of Channels, which provide an extra level of transactional confidentiality. The fabric has no notion of mining, nor does it have a native cryptocurrency.

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