Cryptocurrency Development

The success of Bitcoin has paved new ways for the cryptocurrencies to emerge. The whole world knows that if it wasn’t for Bitcoin, the term, “Cryptocurrency” won’t even be existing. Bitcoin as the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency has been a huge success. And since the Bitcoin is open-source, anyone can use the code-base provided by Satoshi Nakamoto to build a new cryptocurrency or ‘Altcoin.’

The term ‘Altcoin’ is in fact an acronym for “Bitcoin Alternative.” For this reason, these crypto coins are also called Bitcoin clones. As it turns out, there are hundreds of Altcoins that are derived from the original bitcoin source-code provided by Satoshi Nakamoto. Some of the most sought after cryptocurrencies are Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero and Ether.

You can have your own cryptocurrency with the help of Ethereum and Blockchain. We can develop cryptocurrency for your business for intellectual property protection, e-trading platforms, crowdfunding platforms, mobile payment services, compliance and reporting, and even the usual e-commerce interfaces.

Control the way you receive and send payments without depending on third-party entities.

Cryptocurrent Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency exchange is a huge industry that is thriving at the global level. At present, there are several cryptocurrency exchange websites associated it. Cryptocurrency exchange websites are the applications that are created for cryptocurrency deals, i.e. the purchase, sale and exchange of bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Kevnit is known to have developed a number of cryptocurrency exchange applications for its clients located in nearly all the major corners of the planet.

Digital Wallet Development

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software which stores public and private keys and interacts with different blockchain to allow users to send or receive digital currency. Meet us for developing your own crypto wallet which enables the digital transaction.

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