Enterprise Blockchain

Enterprise blockchain is a multi-tiered technology platform which has the potential to orchestrate the behavior of firms, their consumers, their value chains, and regulators based on a series of transaction contained within a distributed ledger. Blockchain potentially creates new opportunities for increased engagement between adopting organizations, and their suppliers, customers, regulators, and competitors to interact within a distributed system built to drive increased value chain efficiency and reduce production costs.

Unlike traditional enterprise software which are localized to a single enterprise, Blockchain technology is driven by robust partnerships and ecosystems made up of independent network actors.


Kevnit’s blockchain assessment helps organizations identify opportunities for blockchain initiatives across business units, their customers, as well as provider and regulatory stakeholders. Kevnit’s extensive experience in business process engineering enables us to support our clients in fundamentally reimagining their core operations and utilize blockchain solutioning which drives the best business outcomes in process cost, efficiency, and quality.

  • Identify opportunity areas in the value chain of organizations
  • Conduct blockchain opportunity and readiness assessment
  • Determine business impact and operational risks to adoption of blockchain technology
  • Develop enterprise blockchain strategy & deployment plan

Kevnit uses a robust methodology to assess the impact of adoption in key operational areas, and demonstrate the potential value of enterprise blockchain adoption using strategic pilot implementations.

Kevnit’s experience in developing Centers of Excellence enables us to effectively assess, explore, analyze and drive the implementation of multi-stakeholder blockchain POCs across the enterprise value chain.

  • Identify and select use cases for proof of concept
  • Evaluate and select blockchain toolsets and implementation partners, and ecosystem peers
  • Support the rapid implementation of proofs of concepts
  • Analyze realization of value for pocs implemented

Kevnit assesses the capabilities of different digital service providers, interest level of ecosystem partners, identifies potential implementation risks and roadblocks, and provides a strategic roadmap to minimize transition and integration risks which aligns the interests of key stakeholders to help achieve the optimal outcomes.

In addition, Kevnit helps firms to identify which key existing public blockchain platforms, consortiums and external partnerships should be integrated as part of their wider blockchain strategy to drive additional organizational value.

  • Assess, select and prioritize enterprise-wide use cases
  • Design an enterprise blockchain solution covering people, process, operating model & technology
  • Assess risks related to compliance, regulatory norms and cybersecurity and build a risk mitigation plan
  • Develop an implementation roadmap

Kevnit’s Blockchain governance provides the end-to-end implementation and ecosystem development support required to ensure the successful execution of blockchain initiatives. Kevnit ensures that Service Providers, Internal Stakeholders, and Partners are effectively delivering on the promised services, and that the solution is implemented as designed, and that the milestones and desired KPIs are being met.

In addition, as the Blockchain ecosystem evolves and grows, Kevnit can work with key internal and external stakeholders refine key governing criteria, and enable changes to the implementation that would enable maximum return for ecosystem stakeholders, and support evolving regulatory mandates.

  • Develop the enterprise blockchain solution and perform the implementation
  • Provide solution implementation execution support, perform the transition management to the target state
  • Perform change management for various stake holders and drive communications
  • Monitor performance and track roi
  • Develop a framework for ongoing governance