Blockchain Technology

Kevnit builds secure, decentralized Apps radically transforming Businesses

Digital Distruption

Constructive solutions that simplify and optimize complex multi-party processes.

We have carved a niche in the field of blockchain app development by creating, deploying custom decentralized blockchain application and infrastructure support to be fast forward your business to get ahead of your rivals.


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Blockchain Consulting
Strategic advice on successful deployment of Blockchain technology to optimize the potential outcomes.
Blockchain Solution Implementation
We build custom full stack solutions to solve business problems of enterprise clients: deploying nodes, writing smart, contracts, building web/mobile front ends and integrating with existing systems.
POC Development
Elaborate Proof of concept services to showcase the technical viability of a product and its market potential.
How Can We Help?

Decentralized App Development

We provide end-to-end custom Blockchain Application Development Services for diverse business needs and verticals. We possess an extensive hands-on experience in building robust and secure applications using Blockchain ledger.  Our web developers can use the cutting edge technology to create a decentralized system that makes your system files and data available through millions of connected computers and mobile devices rather than from a single server farm.

  • Blockchain application development across business domains like fintech, supply chain, ecommerce, healthcare, travel, etc.
  • Build a PoC (Proof of concept) for your Blockchain application to analyze different use cases for your application from user’s perspective.
  • Develop highly secure and reliable smart contracts to cover your custom needs with high security and reduced transaction costs
  • Augment your team with our dedicated Blockchain application developers having expertise in Blockchain ledger development
For Your Next Blockchain App

Why choose Kevnit?

There is a reason why we are one of the most trusted software and app development companies in the world. We passionately follow the latest developments so that we can provide cutting-edge applications to our clients. Some more reasons to hire us for Blockchain development:

• Strong expertise in the field of Blockchain development

• Custom approach to offer unique and individual solutions

• Highly responsive team

• Faster turnaround time

• Easy porting of existing applications to the Blockchain architecture

• Affordable, but high quality services

Financial Services

Create fundamentally new ways of financial interaction and transaction exchanges

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Supply Chain Management

Improve transparency and traceability and reduce administrative costs

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Digital Identity Management

Put Identity in the control of the individual with a common platform which can be used by all service providers

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